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There’s a fine line between mysticism and they must cross to win.

Forbidden, Book 1

London psychiatrist Wesley Atherton is a man of science. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight...until he finds himself inexplicably drawn to a green-eyed American beauty he bumps into on the Tube. Just his luck, Katherine, a fashion design intern, has an engagement ring on her finger.

Wes knows a thing or two about people, though. Instinct tells him there’s something more than irresistible temptation behind their attraction. She doesn’t love her fiancé, he’s sure of it—now if only he can convince her they’re meant to be together.

Surviving a deadly train wreck is the first sign his intuition is spot on. The second—a psychic who warns them the Reaper doesn’t like to be cheated out of its quarry. The situation defies all logic, but a string of strange and lethal events convinces Wes that he and Katherine are living on borrowed time. Pitted in a battle against death itself, Wes will do anything, make any sacrifice, to protect the woman he loves.

This book has been substantially revised and expanded from its original published version.

Warning: This book contains one bad-ass demon, spectacular shagging, a feisty American heroine, and one very hot, very British, knife-wielding shrink.





"Don’t move."

I locked the front door, pulled off my boots and socks, then shed my coat, letting it all fall to the floor. There was another roar of distant thunder. Katherine’s back was to the door. I stepped closer to her, then leaned down, lightly brushing my lips across hers.

"I swear, the rain tastes like wine on your lips," I whispered, resisting the urge to deepen the kiss.

I crouched down on one knee to remove her boots. Then as I climbed back to my feet, I pulled the T-shirt I’d been wearing up over my head. Before I had time to toss it onto the growing pile of clothes, Katherine boldly reached out for me, slipping a finger inside the waistband of my jeans and pulling me toward her.

She unfastened the buckle of my belt then paused, her hand at my zipper. I lifted my hand to cup the side of her face and searched out her eyes. "Lift up your arms," I told her, gathering up the edge of her sweater and raising it. We lost eye contact for the briefest of moments as I pulled it over her head. Her cap came off as well. I carelessly tossed them aside.


I placed my hand around Katherine’s neck and, ever so slowly, slid it down, gliding it over her damp flesh, heating it, warming her.

A sigh escaped her lips as I brushed my fingertips across the tops of the full mounds of her breasts.

"White lace." I reached down to palm one. "It looks so innocent, pure, virginal. I’m having horrible, nasty thoughts."

"Are you now?" she asked in a breathy voice as I lowered my hands to her zipper.

"Oh, yeah." I pulled her wet pants past her hips and watched them fall to the floor, then I quickly shed my own jeans. "You have no idea how much I want you right now."

I crushed my lips to hers in the heat of passion. The lace of her bra scratched against my chest as I pressed my body flush against hers. She parted her lips, and I slipped my tongue inside, boldly exploring the warm, wet cavern, holding nothing back.

Katherine released an intoxicating moan into my mouth that made me want her even more.

I slid my arm around her waist and then snaked my hand inside her matching lace knickers to caress her bottom. My kisses followed the path to her neck and I nibbled gently at her pulse point. She was trembling with need and in truth, so was I.

"Tell me you’re cold."

"I wasn’t shivering from the cold." She was flushed with arousal.

"I’m going to go get your robe. I’ve got to get some distance." Before I could step back, she reached down between us, the back of her hand brushing across the front of my boxers.

"Or what?"

I moved in close, pressing my rock-hard cock into the softness of her belly, my face just a hairsbreadth away from hers.

"I spontaneously combust from all this pent-up sexual tension."

Katherine’s breath hitched.

"Or I throw you onto the cold marble floor and have my wicked way with you."

"I vote for—"

I placed my fingers over her mouth to silence her.

"I’ll be right back with a robe. Then I’ll start a fire and get the chill out of the air."

It took me only a few moments to dash up the stairs, put on a dry pair of jeans and grab the robe I’d promised.

I returned to find Katherine in the living room. She was bending over to turn on a lamp, her back to me.

"Here you go, love." I held the robe out, behind her. Its hem brushed up against the calves of her legs.

When it did, Katherine let out a terrified scream. She spun around and her scream rippled, echoing throughout the room.


"Sorry, you startled me," she gasped placing her hand over her heart, trying to catch her breath.

"Didn’t mean to. Here, slip this on." I held out the robe. She wasn’t moving. "Katherine?"

She was looking past me, over my shoulder. I turned. She was staring at the large mirror that hung on the wall in the entryway.

"What is it?"

"Nothing. It’s…"


"It’s nothing."

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